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Makassar ....
Makassar, formerly called Ujung Pandang is the capital of South sulawesi province. It's a main gate city to the east of Indonesia. Famous with variety delicious seafood, and historical places, some Places of Interest near Makassar such as : Bantimurung National Park to see beautifull nature, waterfall, caves, butterfly breeding and sometimes monkeys, Leang Leang with it's prehistoric caves (5000 year old wall paintings), Beautifull traditional Paotere with Fishermen Phinisi boats and many more interesting places.
Bira / Tana Beru ....
Bira and Tana beru is located east of Makassar (apx 190 kms). Bira is a very ideal place to relax. Very clean white sandy beaches and nice places to snorkling or diving. Nearby is the beautifull Liukang Village and famous traditional Phinisi boat building in Tana beru village.
Sengkang ....
Sengkang is the capital town of Wajo region. It's famous for dried salty lake's fish and beautifull fishermen floating house on Lake Tempe. Sengkang also famous for it's Silk weaving clothes.
Mamasa ....
Mamasa is located North west of Makassar or west of Toraja regions. It's one of the most beautifull villages in Sulawesi. Wonderfull valleys, Traditional Banua/houses, Natural Hot springs, Sambu' weaving, Tedong Tedong (ancient coffin with buffaloes and boat styles.) Waterfall, and many more.
Tana Toraja (Toraja Land) "A Land with Charm" ....
Tana Toraja is the land of highlanders. this name was given by the buginese tribe who live in the lower land. It leaves a lingering impression on the travellers mind long after they returned home. Beautifull lands cape, Unique fascinating cultures,cancient traditions, and is one of the world's rare treasures.
Lake Poso / Tentena / Lore Lindu .... (Central Sulawesi)
Lake Poso is the largest and cleanest lake in Sulawesi. The lake is around 38 kms long and 15 kms wide. Sorrounded by huge Cacao plantations, green rice fields and dense forest, water fall and ancient Megalith of LORE LINDU NATIONAL PARK.
Togian Island .... (Central Sulawesi)
Togian Island is located in the heart of the Tomini gulf. It could be reached by Ferry boat from Gorontalo via Malenge, Dolong, Ketupat or from Ampana via Bomba and Wakai. The western travellers called it as a paradise Island.
Manado .... (North Sulawesi)
Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi Province. It 's a starting point to reach the beautifull Bunaken Island, Tangkoko Nature Reserved, colourfull lakes, Vulcanos Mt. Japanese Caves, and many more beautifull exotices.
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